Red Truck Roofing 4 years in Business Anniversary!

Red Truck Roofing is celebrating 4 years in business! Yes 4 years. We can’t believe its been 4 years already. Time goes so fast when your having fun. We decided to shout the office staff out to a night out at Georges Paragon Seafood Resturant and have a fantastic time. The food was just unbelievablely fresh, the service exceptional and, of course, the company all of the above!

Storm Season

Thunderstorms become a normal part of Queenslands weather conditions from late October through to February/March. These storms can be quite nasty as some will be accompanied by hail and strong wind gusts. Normally, the most severe storms occur after a period of drought and occur from late October and mid-December. Is your roof storm ready this year. Don’t become another insurance statistic this summer. Contact us for a free and obligation free quote!