Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why Should I use Red Truck Roofing?
    Because Red Truck Roofing is big enough to do your job well and small enough to care about your property.
  1. Why a Metal Roof?
    A metal roof is going to last you many years and offers you security and peace-of-mind knowing that Bluescope Steel warrant their products for 25 years+. Lightweight  –  Metal roofs weigh up to seven times less per square metre than concrete tiles.  That’s a lot less weight over your head. Beautiful  –  Metal roofs have a natural rustic appearance and are available in a variety of colours and styles.
  1. How Much Does It Cost?
    Answer:   The cost of a new metal roof or re-roof will vary on the size of the building & the design and pitch of the roof. Our estimator will come out to your property, measure up and give you a free quotation with the scope of works that are needed.
  1. How long does it take?
    Depending on size, weather conditions and product availability, approximately 1-3 days for a house.
  1. Does Red Truck Roofing have insurance?
    Red Truck Roofing has Products & Public Liability Insurance to the value of $20,000,000. All works are conducted in accordance with Australian Standards, the E.P.A., Plumbing Industry Commission standards, rules & regulations, as is the case for codes of practice for OHS.
  1. Does Red Truck Roofing employ Tradesman?
    Answer:  Yes, all our roofing crews work only for Red Truck Roofing and have many years of experience behind them.
  1. Does Red Truck Roofing have a QBCC License?
    Yes, our license No. is 1308779
  1. What happens if it rains while you’re installing my roof?
    We watch the weather very closely.  Back in our office, we keep an eye on the Bureau of Meteorology website and keep our roofers up-to-date.  Our roofers only remove sections at a time and then re-roof as they go.  When we leave at night, you can rest assure that your roof is completely water tight. 
  1. Do I need to move out?
    No, we remove and replace each section of roof as we go, so that your home is never exposed to the elements and remains secure & watertight at all times.
  1. Do you take the rubbish away?
    Yes, once the job is finished we have all the rubbish collected and taken away.
  1. Do you offer a warranty?
    Red Truck Roofing offer a 10 year warranty on our workmanship, and the materials are covered by the Bluescope Steel  25 year warranty.
  1. When do I have to pay?
    We require an initial 10% deposit, to include your project in our Works Schedule and cover the check-measure for initial material ordering.  For large commercial jobs, a progress payment may be arranged mid-way through the job. Final payment is required on completion of the works, after final inspection.
  1. Is Zincalume© much cheaper than Colorbond©?
    It is cheaper, but there is only a slight difference in price.
  1. Does Red Truck Roofing only use premium products?
    Yes, for all new roofs, gutters and re-roofs, we only use Australian owned and produced Bluescope Colorbond steel roofing products.

For further FAQ’s, please refer to the Bluescope Steel FAQ site