Red Truck Roofing Social Events

At Red Truck Roofing, we work really hard so, when we have time off, we like to play!

New Year 2020

New year was a little extra special for office staff this year. We decided to close the office for 3 weeks and everyone booked a cruise.

Helen and Pat cruised off out of Sydney Harbour for a 12 night cruise to Fiji and the South Pacific Islands as did Linda and husband Peter.

Dave and Kylie cruised off from Brisbane to visit New Zealand.

Everyone had such a wonderful time. We all ate too much but, we relaxed and recuperated and had the best time ever!

Day 1. Arrival in Sydney
The Promenade
Wow factor of the promenade!
Its a small world after all! Red Truck Roofing & Get Directed.
Helen and Pat at the Murder Mystery Dinner.


It was a little rough one day and the pool didn’t cope well. The kids loved it though!











Our gorgeous table waiters. Such wonderful people!


Electrical wiring in Fiji :0


Roofing in Fiji


In Fiji, a Kava ceremony commonplace for Fijian families and friends to gather together on a daily basis and enjoy Kava together. It is what Fijians commonly refer to as ‘Fiji time’.


Guarding one of the Fijian department stores.


Participated in Tribal dance and ended up with this on my face! 🙂
We had a great time dancing with the locals and visitors.






One on the small waterfalls on the way around the Island.


Having a great time!






A quick stop off at Mare island for a snorkel, swim and sun. This was beautiful! Great day after snorkelling and swimming.
A great day on Mare Island.


What a happy bunch! Asked if I could take a photo and they very happily said yes.

Our ship “The Voyager” from Shore at Mare Island.



















Christmas 2019

We always like to recognise our staff and crews as much as possible. We all work really hard all year and like to “blow off a little steam” at the end of the year.

This year we decided on a family day for all the staff, crews and families with a day out, fully catered for. There was the usual Christmas hampers and gift vouchers given out, presents for all the kids and we hired a water slide and jumping castle. Loads of food and drink all day and for those who just wanted to sit around and relax, that’s what they did.

It really was a great day, with everyone coming together to get to know each other better, watching the kiddies play and generally, eating and drinking and chatting.

It was a full day with office staff spending really good time with the crews families.



Night Ninjas New Van Launch

Night Ninja’s Australia is a Not-For-Profit Organisation that focuses on helping people who are experiencing homelessness. They have crews of people who go out on the streets to provide essential items to those that need it most – food, blankets, clothing, toiletries and other essentials. They also offer referral assistance to organisations that can provide emergency housing and other forms of assistance.

Red Truck Roofing is so proud to be associated with Night Ninjas, and the wonderful, hard and emotional work they do each and every day!

Today we attended the launch of Night Ninjas Van launch. This vehicle is an essential part of the operations for this organisation as it gets them out and about and extends their reach in the community! Night Light were there also with their food trailer. So impressed with the set up!
If your thinking of helping out, in any way at all, please contact Night Ninjas here:
Pat & Helen – August 2019

2019 End of Financial Year Dinner

End of Financial Year is always a great time to let your hair down, especially if your on top of everything! This year we decided on Thai Siam in Cleveland. It was a cold night but once the heater was turned on, the night got underway and we had a ball!

Coolys 2019

Pat and Helen had a great time away this year for Coolys. It was a fabulous turn out this year with some great cars and motor bikes too. The rock’n’rollers were out dancing and there was some fantastic music across the whole event.

Red Truck Roofing 4 years in Business Anniversary!

We recently celebrated our 4 year anniversary at Georges Paragon Seafood Restaurant, Hope Island. What a fantastic night! Loads of laughs with our fabulous waiter even joining in. The food was “to die for”.

Happy Birthday Celebrations

Happy Birthday Dave_2018



Christmas Celebrations

Office staff and partners, decided to go to a local Tappas Bar for end of year Christmas Celebrations. Great company, great food and wine, all equalled a great night out!


For all our subbies, we decided to do something a little different in 2018. Kingston Raceway was an awesome day out for end of year christmas celebrations. Lots of laughing, a little bit of friendly cometition and a nice burger lunch. So much fun!


Sirromet Winery EOFY night out 2018.

Coolies 2018.